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Get an awesomen easier website.


We're a web-design and web-hosting small business in Charleston, IL and Tampa, FL. But our clients are around the world because the Internet is magic.

An impressive website is more crucial now than ever. Modern websites need to be both responsive and encrypted, or they will be penalized by search engines, and you'll lose traffic. So, even if you already have a website, it's probably time to update it.

We build beautiful websites that are easy to edit yourself. What's easier than a build-your-own website? Not having to build your own! If you have countless hours and advanced skills, go for it! Otherwise, let us experts do it so you can focus on your thing.

Create email accounts, newsletters, member directories, events and more! So your website won't just be pretty—it will actually be useful.

Get started now!





Just a few dozen of our many happy clients.

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  • Clinic
  • Insurance
  • Nonprofit
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Annual SubscriptionAnnual SubscriptionWe'll handle the hosting and domain registration. And email or call for timely response if you have any issues with your site. $360 $480 $600
One-Time StartupOne-Time StartupChoose from a wide selection of modern and professional designs. Or custom design your own for additional cost. $500 $750 $1000
Easy "Live" EditEasy "Live" EditCreating and editing pages is as easy as word processing software. Save it and the changes are immediate.
BlogBlogThere's no need to set up a separate blog when it can be built right into your site—even as the home page.
Contact FormContact FormAllow visitors to contact you right in your site.
You can even keep your email address private.
AnalyticsAnalyticsWant to see your site traffic and how visitors found your site? Google Analytics is included with your site.
Events CalendarEventsDisplay your own calendar on your site. And allow registrations on the Premium plan. View-Only Allow Registration Collect Fee Online
Email AddressesEmail AddressesGet professional email addresses personalized with your domain. (you@yourdomain.com) 2 10 25
Group EmailsGroup Emails (a.k.a. ListServs)Create one-way "Newsletter" emails for announcements or allow groups to interact through "Discussion" lists.   2 Unlimited
User DirectoryUser DirectoryAllow users to access protected pages, subscribe to mailing lists, leave comments, or use other features as you determine. You can also optionally allow users to find each other in a directory.   Users Users OR Households
Protected ContentProtected ContentProtect or charge for your content by requiring visitors to sign in to view members-only sections and pages.  
Site SearchSite SearchDo you foresee having many pages? Add a search to quickly find results within your site.  
Media LibraryMedia LibraryAdd videos or audio from YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud to an organized playlist page.    


A chimp editing a CloudCarpenter websiteThis page demonstrates how easily you can change your CloudCarpenter website through our proprietary Live Edit feature. Go ahead! Hover over or tap this text box, click or tap the "Edit" pencil that appears in the top right corner, then type in the content of this page — just like you would in a word-processor.

On your real site you can upload images. (This demo doesn't allow uploading, but you can insert one of our images.)

You can even include videos from YouTube or other video hosts. Just copy the URL into the "Insert/Edit Video" source!

A monkey could do it. It probably wouldn't make sense, but it would technically be edited.


Shane Reichart

Shane Reichart

CEO & Sales

Shane has been building websites for over 20 years. And he's been good at it for over 5 years. He's from Charleston, Illinois, loves Jesus and travel, and is a non-award-winning songwriter.

Peter Armstrong

Peter Armstrong


Peter figures out how to make the impossible happen. He lives in Pokhara, Nepal with his wife and kids, and is also the CEO of Zimris, LLC, most famous for babynamegenie.com.

Amrit Gurung

Amrit Gurung

Backend Development

Amrit could program a microwave to do your taxes. He's our code spider, ensuring everything is bug-free. He's usually a quiet, family man, but he becomes a madman on his motorcyle.